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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


On Sunday we were wondering what to do. The lazy weekend had already got to us and we were already getting irritated by each others constant presence. We both wanted to go for a walk but couldn't figure out where we wanted to go. I thought we could go walk part of Birgitan Polku this trail that goes from Tampere to Lempäälä but I couldn't find a proper map so we could have decided an appropriate length. During my internet I found this website listing Geocaches along the trail. I'd heard about Geocaching before but had thought that Finland wouldn't have that many. However as it turns out Finland has loads! So we decided to start a new hobby.

Picking berries on the way to the cache.

Bobby sensing we have found something. (A staged photo since Bobby couldn't find something even if it bit him in the butt.)

I decided to sign up to Geocaching: wrongwayfast if any one is interested. We realized that there is a couple of places right by our apartment. So, off we went. And we actually found the Voimalenkki treasure! Woohoo!

Yay! Treasure!

This treasure is mine! Muahahha...

Weird fungus.

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